November Shreveport Writer’s Club Meeting


The November Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting went very well. We had a visitor who heard of us through the table we had at Senior Day of the Louisiana State Fair.  It’s great that we are reaching out to other writers.

Our guests were able to greet themselves before the rewards were passed out for Making the Mark. We are proud of the members who are able to publish their work.  Keep up the great work!

The flash writing exercise brought us writings on, “What is that smell?”, “I think, therefore…”, “A bridge”, and topic of choice.  We appreciate all those who participated and shared their work afterwards.

The anothology is still in works.  Soon the editing process will be started. Anyone willing to help please contact Deondre, who’s in charge, at

The Writer’s Medley at Broadmoor Library went well.  Congratulations to the members who braved the stage to share their creative work.  We look forward to those who will participate in the future Writer’s Medley.

Club t-shirts have been ordered. Lela has been working on making sure we can get our shirts. We are thankful for the time she has spent on this project.  Lela plans on opening the t-shirt campaign again for members and will keep us updated. If you have any questions for her please contact her at the club’s e-mail.

The holiday party is around the corner and our Activities Directors are busy making sure we are organized for it. They are open to ideas, so don’t be afraid to contact them through the club e-mail.

There will be no Critique Group until January. The date will be announced.

We were honored to have Shreveport’s local band, Homesick, speak to us about writing and working in the music industry. They talked about the writing process, how their creative collaboration works and their influences.  The members also gave us advice on promoting and their experience in recording.

Homesick brought their new album, “How to Run Away”, for the club to listen to.  Their song, “Anchors”, was awarded two rounds of applause.  You can find their album on ITunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Also look for the local band on Facebook at

Before closing, thank you to the members who shared their work at the Round Robin Reading.  Any members who have work they want to share during this 30 minute time are welcomed to.

Thank you t all those who were able to make it to the meeting. We welcome all those who would like to visit us. Our meetings are the first Saturday of every month 10am-12pm. We look forward to seeing you there and “Write on!”.


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No Critique Group in November or December

Please note: There is no Critique Group meeting for November or December due to holidays and other scheduling conflicts. Critique Group will pick up again in January.

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Shreveport Writer’s Club Writer’s Medley

A reminder that the Shreveport Writer’s Club Writer’s Medley is this Saturday, 10/17/2015, at The Broadmoor Library. It will be from 12:00pm-2:30pm.
Open to the public.
Come out and hear some creative work by some great writers.
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October Meeting


On October 3rd, we had our monthly Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting.  We were honored to have so many visitors.  They took the time to introduce themselves and then they had the members introduce themselves as well.  At the end of the meeting one of the visitors, Edith DeVilbiss, became a member.

There were three members that received the Making the Mark Awards.  They receive this by submitting their work to different publications, events, contests and so on.  We applaud them and hope they keep up the great work.

We had our flash writing which produced some awesome writing.  The topics that were used were, “Happiness is a warm…”, “Staring at the wall…”, “The Garden of…”, “Where are the birds…” and “Topic of choice”.  We appreciate the visitors that participated in this as well.

The anthology being put together for the club’s 80th anniversary is almost done.  Editing has been finished and right now formatting is being worked on.  There is still room for personal quotes to be added by members.  Send them to

There will be a Writer’s Melody on 10/17/2015 from 12:00pm-2:00pm at the Broadmoor Library.  Right now the participants are Margaret d’Aquin, Ken Shively, Stephanie Bullard, John Brizzi, June Dowis and Bill Conly.  There is still room, so if you are a current member and want to participate send notification to  There will be no Critique Group this month since the Writer’s Melody is being held.

Our Holiday Party is around the corner and our Activity Directors are busy making plans.  We appreciate their hard work and know that they will make a great party for everyone to participate in.  Stay tuned for more information.

The club will be changing the process on how we order our t-shirts. If you need anymore information you can contact Lela, who is in charge.  She will keep us posted on any updates on this new development.

We were appreciative to have Charlotte M. Morgan as our guest speaker.  She is a graphic designer who mainly focuses on book covers.  Her business is Free Reign Inspiration and Design.

Charlotte gave us a lot of helpful advice on how to work and pick a graphic designer.  She also encouraged us to use graphic designers when promoting our work in social networking.

During her speech we were able to see her work displayed.  Charlotte works mainly in the horror field but also branches out into other genres.  Her work was very creative and professional.  We thank Charlotte Morgan very much for taking the time out to talk with us and share her amazing work.

The club ended with our Round Robin where members are encouraged to share their work.  We heard from three members and were entertained by their readings.

This month’s meeting held a lot of new information and we were very appreciative of the eight visitors that joined us.  We hope to see all of them again.  New visitors are always encouraged to join us.  We meet the first Saturday of each month at the Bossier Art’s Council in Bossier City, Louisiana.  The Shreveport Writer’s Club hopes to see you there.

“Write On!”

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October Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder for the meeting this Saturday at 10:00am-12:00pm at the Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City, Louisiana.
We will be having Charlotte Morgan as our guest speaker. She will be speaking about her chosen career as a graphic designer and the many ways it applies to writing and publishing all forms of literature.
Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend.
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2nd and Charles Meet Up Today

A reminder that the Shreveport Writer’s Club meet up is today at 2nd and Charles 2001 Airline Drive, Bossier City.
It starts at 3pm and is used for networking and socializing.
Club members can also share their work.
#swc #shreveportwritersclub #meetup #2ndandcharles #writing

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September Club Meeting

We had a great Semptember Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting. The club had four new member sign ups. We would like to welcome Pat Riley, Doug Fowler, Gary Calliga and Kathleen Ward.

A good amount of people recieved the Making the Mark Award. Great job to all that did. Let’s keep on getting our work out there.

The flash writing exercise went very well. As always it gives us interesting and creative writings for us to listen to.  Our topics were “Where should we eat”, “I wanted a goat, but…”, “A terrible idea…”, “The dog said…” and topic of choice.

The 80th Anniversary Anthology is still being worked on.  Deondre has been reading through and editing the stories and poems that have been submitted. Right now submissions have been extended until the end of September. He is asking for work focused on the topic of “Things Yet To Come”.  Send submissions to

There will be a Writer’s Medley on Saturday, 10/17/2015. It will be held at the Broadmoor Library from 12:00-2:00pm. If you are a member and would like to have a slot to read your works then contact John at Slots are limited.

There would also be a members only Critique Group on 9/19/2015. The time has been changed to 12:00-2:00pm. It will be held at Broadmoor Library.

The club was thankful to have Gary Calligas as our guest speaker today. He is a local writer, publisher and radio host. He is known for his work on “The Best of Times”.  Gary is also an advocate for the importance of writing down your history. The club appreciates his speech and the information he presented to us.image

The next club meeting will be in October on the 3rd from 10-12pm. Visitors are welcome! Keep a look out to whom our next speaker will be.

Write on!

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