October Meeting

Greetings to new guest and now new member Darrel Williams.

Barbara Moore presented this month’s flash writing topics:

– The strangest person I know
– I put it in the perfect place
– Life’s little pleasures
– Who ever thought a hurricane could be a good thing
– The person I most admire

The Member’s Only Mini-Contest was won by Bill Conly with his story, “The Debate”.

Phillip Volentine gave the following topic for this month:

Write a story of 750 words or less about the topic “Gated Community”. Your story must include an upscale neighborhood, a prison, and a cemetary.

It was pointed out that current officer positions will expire in June and at that time we will be voting on new officers for the club.

Congratulations to Phillip Volentine for selling his song, “I don’t love us anymore” and to Shirley Brown for publishing a story in “Savvy and Sage” Magazine.

We also had a very lively discussion about approaches to publishing. If any of you are or know of a published author (no self-published authors, please) who would like to speak to the club about the process, please send an email. We would like to have some published authors speak to the club when possible.

As always, the meeting ended with a spirited Round Robin discussion.


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