November Meeting Writeup

We welcomed three guests this month: Nina Avant, Leann Fontenot, and Susie Storey.

Flash writing topics were:

– Thanksgiving
– Look what blew into town
– My favorite story
– When I grow up
– Open topic

Barbara Moore announced Bonnie McEwan as the winner of this month’s Members Only Mini-Contest with her story, “School Prank of the Party”.

Bill Conly announced the December topic as:

Write a 1000 word or less short story on the topic, “Courage/Bravery”

Correction from last month – Phillip Volentine didn’t sell a song, but his song is under consideration by professionals. SWC apologizes for any misrepresentation of his achievements.

Speaking of Philip, congratulations on his song “Cajun Flu” being played on the Matt McKinney Roadhouse radio show on November 8th!

And as always, we ended the meeting with a rousing Round Robin reading!


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