March meeting

The meeting started with flash writing topics provided by Christy Cowden:

– Time for Spring Cleaning
– My Happy Place
-Life is Good

After Flash Writing, we discussed the idea of using some club funds to do a project to promote writing. Various ideas were discussed, but all decisions pertaining to the project were tabled until more discussion could happen. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what the club can do as a project to promote writing, please bring them to the next meeting.

We also discussed the Arkansas Writers Conference. Details will be provided in a separate post.

Marian Poe won the Members Only Mini-Contest with her poem, “Never Forget”.

Darrell Williams provided us with the topic for this month:

Write a short story of 1000 words or less on the topic of: “Wild Wyatt and the Renegade Twins”

As always, the meeting featured the presentation of Making the Mark awards, and another rousing Round Robin reading.

Next month’s meeting will feature a presentation by playwright/songwright/novelist Ben Grant who will talk about his publishing endeavors.


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