June Meeting

*Special thanks to Bonnie McEwan for taking notes in my absence – John

**Special thanks to Dave Hicks for presiding over the meeting – Christy

We had one guest, McKenzie Stephenson at the meeting.

Flash writing topics consisted of:

  • Stress is the mother of all evil
  • What do Butterflies Eat?
  • My Father…
  • Summer Vacation
  • and the ever-popular Open Topic

The Members-Only Mini topic to be turned in at the July Meeting is:

Write a 1000 word or less essay on the topic: Who you are or where you are going

Making the Mark pens were awarded to: Bill Conley, Susan Storm, Marie Brass, and Bonnie McEwan

As always, the meeting was concluded with a rousing Round Robin reading featuring poetry, a sermon, and some personal anecdotes.

Please note: Dues of $20 are Due. Please render them to Dave or Christy as soon as possible if you have not paid.


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