August Meeting

Flash Writing was presented by Christy Cowden. The topics were:

  • I really miss…
  • Summer memories
  • Wilted produce
  • Who needs gravity?
  • Open Topic

Annual Fees ($20) are due. Please remit them to Dave or Christy as soon as possible.

We had a discussion regarding offering a contest open to the public. Rules for a past contest were emailed and should be reviewed by members in preparation for the September meeting.

Congratulations to Barbara Moore on her election to Vice-President by majority vote. The club also voted to retain Christy Cowden as President and John Brizzi as Secretary for the current three-year term (as provided in the by-laws)  beginning July 2012. It should also be noted that this is officially Christy’s first term as President as she presided only to fill out the term left by Becky Haigler.

Special thanks to Phillip Volentine for filling in as Vice President while Christy acted as President during the remainder of Becky’s term.

There has been discussion on redoing the format for the Members-Only Mini-Contest. The club is considering moving to a quarterly contest. We will resume discussion on how to reformat the MOMC at the September meeting.

For now, there is a regular MOMC due at the October meeting:

Open topic – 1000 words or less, any format.

Congratulations to Marian Poe and Shirley Brown for their Making a Mark achievements.

As always, we concluded the meeting with a fantastic Round Robin reading of our work.


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