September Meeting

We had one visitor this month – Dee Ann Staats.

Flash writing consisted of the following topics:

  • I think that is burnt
  • My secret obsession…
  • My favorite character…
  • My favorite quote…
  • Open topic

We once again discussed doing a contest open to the public. Rules from a previous contest were emailed to members for review and will be discussed at the October meeting.

The Members Only Mini-Contest has been moved to quarterly. The current topic is: “Nature”, 1000 words, any style, any genre. There will be a $25 prize given to the winner. Entries are due at the November 5th meeting.

The  club is looking for a member to volunteer as Treasurer. Dave Hicks has asked to be relieved of his duties due to a new job. Anyone interested should contact Christy Cowden or the club through our Contact Us page. Thanks so much to Dave for his years of service!

Making the Mark awards were distributed to Dennise Aiello, Shirley Brown, Anil Minocha, Phillip Volentine, Bill Conly, Marie Brass, and Bonnie McEwan. Congratulations to all for their hard work!

As always, the meeting was concluded with an exciting Round Robin reading.


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