March Monthly Meeting

The Shreveport Writers Club gathered together at the Bossier Arts Council Annex for their monthly meeting on March 7, 2015.  There were six members, two of which received the Making the Mark award, and two guests in attendance.  After the Flash Writing exercise, we discussed old business such as club involvement in Poetry Slams and store readings, the club’s 80th Anniversary Anthology.  It was also noted that the guest speaker John C. Brewer was rescheduled to May 2nd, 2015 due to weather conditions.

New business discussed included the next Writers Medley and the Second Quarter Member Writing Contest.  Topic/Title:  Life is full of questions.

Will you go to Prom with me?  Will you marry me?  Can you watch the kids tonight?  What happened?  Where did you come from?  Did you read the paper today?  Who killed him?  Should I quit my job?  Is she guilty?  Are you telling the truth?  Do you want to build a snowman?   Do you believe in __?  Why not?   Life is full of questions.  Which one will your story be about?  In 2,000 words or less, write a story or poem that contains/involves at least one question.  It can be any question in the world, from a simple “May I ask who’s calling?” to something more complex.  Writer’s choice (It does not have to be one of the questions above)!  Members may submit multiple entries, print title on all pages (but not your name), and attach a cover sheet with the title or your work and name.  Submissions may be emailed to or submitted in person by May 10th, 2015.

The meeting finished with a wonderful session of Round Robin.  Thanks to those who shared their work!

The next writers critique group will meet from 10:00-noon at the Broadmoor Library in Shreveport on March 14th.  This group is strictly for members who are current with their annual dues.


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