November Shreveport Writer’s Club Meeting


The November Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting went very well. We had a visitor who heard of us through the table we had at Senior Day of the Louisiana State Fair.  It’s great that we are reaching out to other writers.

Our guests were able to greet themselves before the rewards were passed out for Making the Mark. We are proud of the members who are able to publish their work.  Keep up the great work!

The flash writing exercise brought us writings on, “What is that smell?”, “I think, therefore…”, “A bridge”, and topic of choice.  We appreciate all those who participated and shared their work afterwards.

The anothology is still in works.  Soon the editing process will be started. Anyone willing to help please contact Deondre, who’s in charge, at

The Writer’s Medley at Broadmoor Library went well.  Congratulations to the members who braved the stage to share their creative work.  We look forward to those who will participate in the future Writer’s Medley.

Club t-shirts have been ordered. Lela has been working on making sure we can get our shirts. We are thankful for the time she has spent on this project.  Lela plans on opening the t-shirt campaign again for members and will keep us updated. If you have any questions for her please contact her at the club’s e-mail.

The holiday party is around the corner and our Activities Directors are busy making sure we are organized for it. They are open to ideas, so don’t be afraid to contact them through the club e-mail.

There will be no Critique Group until January. The date will be announced.

We were honored to have Shreveport’s local band, Homesick, speak to us about writing and working in the music industry. They talked about the writing process, how their creative collaboration works and their influences.  The members also gave us advice on promoting and their experience in recording.

Homesick brought their new album, “How to Run Away”, for the club to listen to.  Their song, “Anchors”, was awarded two rounds of applause.  You can find their album on ITunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Also look for the local band on Facebook at

Before closing, thank you to the members who shared their work at the Round Robin Reading.  Any members who have work they want to share during this 30 minute time are welcomed to.

Thank you t all those who were able to make it to the meeting. We welcome all those who would like to visit us. Our meetings are the first Saturday of every month 10am-12pm. We look forward to seeing you there and “Write on!”.



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  1. I’m excited about attending the next meeting!

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