Shreveport Writer’s Club June Meeting

The weather is getting hotter and summer is finally here.  The brave souls of The Shreveport Writer’s Club withstood the heat and met at our new home, Shreve Memorial Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We spent the first few minutes introducing ourselves to everyone.  This is a great way to remember all who’s there and what projects they are working on. Sixteen people attended and two of them became new members.  We welcome them whole-heartedly and are looking forward to what they bring to the club.

Six members received the “Making the Mark” pen.  This is an awesome number of people.  We congratulate them on getting their work out to the public.

During the beginning of the meeting we held our flash writing exercise.  The topics were: “I wish I could remember…”, “Is that a dog?”, “Did you hear that?”, “It’s time to…” and of course “Topic of your choice”.  As always, those who volunteered to read their work gave us great writings to listen to.  This exercise helps members to write without stopping.  It encourages you to get your thoughts on paper without leaving much room for doubt, fear or uncertainty to get in the way.

Members, remember that dues are due right now.  At the next meeting make sure to have them ready for Ken Shively, who is our treasurer.

We had a successful meet-up at Sleepy Hollow and are excited to know that the owner, Kate Hesson, has opened a new area in her store.  The Highland Roux is a place where artists can portray their works to the public.  She has generously extended the use of it to us.  We hope to have many meet-ups there.

Right now we are taking ideas and suggestions as to what the members need from the club.  We received a lot of ideas during the meeting but will like to continue to get more.  If you have any suggestions please contact us at

At the end of our meeting we have a Round Robin Reading where members can share excerpts of their work.  We had some members share poetry, short excepts from stories and memoirs.   We thank all those who shared their work.

Remember that visitors are always welcomed to our meetings.  We meet the first Saturday of every month at the Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  It lasts from 10am-12pm.  In July we will be meeting the second Saturday of the month, the 9th, since the library will be closed for 4th of July weekend.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope to see you there!

“Write on!”



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