Shreveport Writers Club August Meeting

The Shreveport Writers Club August 2018 meeting was held at the Shreve Memorial Library Broadmoor Branch on August 4th.

President Tiffany Pennywell led the meeting, which began with the greeting and welcoming of visitors.

Next,  writers who had submitted their work within the last month were recognized with  “Making the Mark Awards.” Rob Hudgens and Loretta Casteen claimed their prize pens.

The writers then participated in the Flash Writing Exercise. Each person was tasked with ten minutes of writing on one of these topics:

  •  Memorable moment at a funeral
  • Lost patience
  • I thought I would hate it, but…
  • Desperate measures
  • Open topic


Next, came the business discussion. Dues were explained ($20/year) and the club heard suggestions on speakers for future meetings and participating in events. Loretta Casteen was nominated by Tiffany Pennywell for the vacant secretary position. The motion of nomination was seconded by Jim Freeman. The motion carried by voice vote.

In the discussion portion of the meeting, members discussed the importance of social media for marketing. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more were emphasized for their usefulness in connecting writers with their audience.

Rounding out the meeting was the “Round Robin.” Several members shared finished work and works-in-progress.


Note: The next Critique Group will be held  at the Shreve Memorial Library–Broadmoor Branch on Saturday, August 18 from 10 am to 12 pm. Members are encouraged to bring work to share, or to simply participate in discussing others’ work constructively.






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