January 2020 Meeting


The Shreveport Writers Club met on Saturday, January 4th, 2020 at the Broadmoor Library.  Group members welcomed several guests.


The first order of business was the Making the Mark Awards, where recognition is given to any writer who submitted anything to a publication or had anything published within the preceding month. There were several exciting announcements from several group members including the release of THIS!


This anthology was a labor of love and is now available for Kindle download or in paperback from Amazon.com  Click the link for more information or to order  Through the Years: A Collection of Written Works from the Shreveport Writers Club 2015-2019 


The writers spent some time discussing the activities and meetings they most enjoyed in 2019 and what they hoped to see the club doing in the new year.

Next the group participated in the month flash writing exercise and many to chose to share from the ten-minute write.

The group then welcomed the guest speaker Jrayis Deyond. Deyond is a self-published writer whose two books feature a writer named Jason who writes an advice column for a local newspaper. The books focus on the struggles of the complex lives of a group of LFBTQ+ characters navigating the world and their personal lives.



Deyond spoke about reaching out ot other writers to help him with the first manuscript that took ten years to develop.  Working while battle homelessnes, Deyond said working on the first book offered an escape and even kept him motivated and inspired. Today, Deyond is no longer homeless, has published a second book, continued to write and has a book of poetry forthcoming.

Deyond also offered tips on networking and book promotion. Thank you to Jrayis Deyond for sharing his insights with the group.



The next Critique Group meeting will be January 25th at 10 am at the Broadmoor Library.

The next regular meeting for Shreveport Writer’s Club will be February 1st at 10 am at the Broadmoor Library. Guest speaker will be Lauren Pennywell of Pennywell Creatives.

Write on!





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