Shreveport Writers Club Holds June Meeting

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The Shreveport Writers club held its regular June meeting on June 5th via Zoom.

The meeting began with greeting members and guests, then continued as the club acknowledged members who had submitted work or had work published in the last month.

The club also discussed whether to continue the virtual-only meetings, if in-person meetings should begin or if there should be a combination of virtual/in-person meetings. It was decided that placing a poll on the website and the Facebook group page was the best way to find out what the majority of members preferred.

With that in mind, please take a moment to record an answer to the poll below:

The club also heard a report from Club Treasurer, Ken Shively, on the club’s club’s current bank balance.

Members discussed various ways for the club and club members to participate in local events, such as poetry and spoken word gatherings, as well as other functions to promote the club and the new anthology.

Members also participated in the Flash Writing Exercise, ten minutes of writing on any topic or one of these prompts:

  1. I am a plant parent
  2. Nostalgic cartoons
  3. Life in a bubble
  4. I’ve been giving three wishes

Members who wished to, shared their ten-minute writes with the group.

In the Writer’s Spotlight: Author DL Holmes shared his insights on battling Imposter Syndrome and being authentic in one’s writing. A lively and informative discussion followed.

The next meeting for Shreveport Writers Club will be the month critique meeting on June 19th from 10 am until 12 noon. This meeting will be a virtual meeting. A Zoom link will be sent to members on the email list prior to the meeting.

If you would like to be added to our email list or have any questions regarding Shreveport Writers Club, please contact the club via email:

Remember the latest antholgy from Shreveport Writers Club is now available for Kindle Download.


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