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Shreveport Writer’s Club Busy April

On April 2nd, we held the meeting for the Shreveport Writer’s Club at the Bossier Arts Council.  We were happy to see many faces that we have been seeing of late.  It’s great to see visitors and members coming to these meetings regularly.

Many members were given the “Mark Your Mark” writing pen, which signifies that they are getting their written work out to the public.  We encourage our members to publicly promote their work.  This takes courage and we congratulate and admire all of you who do this.

We had our Flash Writing exercise, which consist of writing on selected topics or a topic of your choice for ten minutes.  This gives the writer a set timeframe to get a piece of writing done or started.  It also stimulates the brain, giving you a chance to dust off your writing cobwebs.  At the end of the exercise those who want to can share what they’ve written.  We get a lot of creative and interesting works that we get to listen to.

Our speaker for the month was Kathryn Morgan.

IMG_2683 (2)

She is a Master Tax advisor, writer, spirted and knowledgeable speaker and instructor.  Kathryn was an amazing guest speaker, who gave us a great deal of information about how writers should brand themselves.  She also spoke to us about the importance of knowing your work and making sure you get it out to the public.  Kathryn readily asked the multitude of questions that were given to her by our members. At the end of the day she even decided to become a member of the Shreveport Writer’s Club herself.  We want to thank Kathryn for the awesome lessons she taught us that day.

The follow Saturday we had a great Writer’s Medley at the Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  There many of our members volunteered to publically read short stories, poetry and other written works.  We are so proud of those who had the courage to get up and present their works.  They were readily accepted by the audience.

April has been a creative busy month.  We thank all those who have been a part or it.  Next month we will hold our Writer’s Club meeting on May 7th.  It will be at the Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City, Louisiana.  We start at 10am and end at 12pm.  Visitors are always welcomed!

We look forward to seeing you there and “Write on!”


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