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November Meeting and Updates

The Shreveport Writer’s Club met at the Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana. We had quite a few people attend the November meeting and even had a new visitor.

We took time to remember our club member, Carlos Colon, who passed away. He will forever be remembered and missed by us, but his haikus will go on forever.

Our topics for our flash writing exercise were: “A great/terrible trip”, “Pride”, “I really admire…”, “Holiday Shenanigans” and Topic of Choice. These random topics make writing for ten minutes a challenge. We get a lot of great and entertaining written works from them.

The Round Robin ends our meetings where members can read excerpts of their work. We had six members share their work and we were all grateful to hear their hard work.

Our Writer’s Medley has been moved to February. This is a public event where members of good standing can read their work and out loud. There will be limited slots, so keep a look out for when we open them in January.

There has been an increased interest in the Critique Groups. We have added an extra one for a Friday each month. Thank you to our Vice-President Lela for spear-heading that for us.

This years Holiday party will be at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church. The address is 1915 Grover Place, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105. It will be on December 3rd, 11am-1pm.  Everyone bring finger foods and an original Holiday or winter themed work to share. (Remember that this replaces our December Club meeting).

For those interested in joining The Shreveport Writer’s Club, you can now join from our blog. There’s a link to join by PayPal. Please remember to leave your name and contact info so that we can add you to our e-mail list.

A reminder to all members: If you would like anything posted that is Club related to the other social sites please send that info to shreveportwritersclub@gmail.com. This includes events, pictures or anything Club related you would like to share.

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and remember to “Write on”!




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Shreveport Writer’s Club September Meeting

September’s Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting discussed some important events that will be coming up this year.

Yesterday we held the meeting at Broadmoor Branch Library.  Three visitors attended with two of the visitors becoming members.  We’d like to welcome Meaghan Long and Stephanie Newbern.  Your creative work and energy will be a great addition to our club.

A total of six attendees recently shared their work publically.   Each were able to receive a “Making the Mark” pen.  We reward these to those who have taken the next step to promote their work.  The club encourages members to showcase the creative work they work hard on.

Our flash writing exercise always produces some interesting and creative pieces.  This meeting our topics were: “Thanks for the…”, “Hey, remember that guy?”, “I could really use a…”, “Where is that?” and Topic of choice.  We appreciate those who shared their work with is.  It’s not easy to think of and write out a piece in ten minutes.  This exercise keeps up mentally and creatively on our toes.

More Critique Groups will be added.  Right now our regular group meeting will be at the Broadmoor Branch Library from 10am-Noon on 9/17 on Saturday.  Our next Critique Group will be at Bon Temps in Shreveport, Louisiana.  It will be 6pm-8pm on 9/20 on a Tuesday.  This meeting is where members can bring their work and have it analyzed by grammer, wording, flow or whatever they feel they need work on. Critique Group is for members who are in good standing.  This means that they have paid their membership dues.

If you have not paid the membership dues of $20 (for one year membership)  but would like to, you can at our next regular club meeting.  Visitors are always welcomed but we would love for you to become a fellow member.  Presently we are looking at future perks that only members will be able to take advantage of.

In October we will be holding a Writer’s Medley.  We are looking at having it at The Sleepy Hollow: Books and Gifts Shop.  This will be open to members who would like to read their works to the public.  There will be a limited number of slot available.  If you are interested in a slot e-mail us at shreveportwritersclub@gmail.com with your information.


Members, Tiffany Pennywell and Deondre Holmes led a discussion about their experience in promoting their self-published books “Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales” and “Window to My Soul” at local events.  They gave an enthusiastic speech about the benefits of being vendors at conventions.  At the conventions they were able to network with other artists and vendors.  They stated that proper and creative branding of your work allows you to be able to sell it to the public. The writing duo also explained that promotion events also leads to other opportunites.  They encouraged the members listening to not be afraid to put their work out there.

At the end of the meeting we have the Round Robin Reading.  This is where members can share work that they’ve written.  We were appreciative to hear a continuing story written by our President, John.  May more members bring pieces to the next meeting to be shared.

We, at the Shreveport Writer’s Club, would like to remind you to “Write on!”


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September Meeting Reminder

A reminder that The Shreveport Writer’s Club will be meeting tomorrow at the Broadmoor Branch Library. It’s from 10am-12pm. Visitors are always welcome to check the club out.

Come out to network and get your creative energy restored.

We look forward to seeing you!

“Write on!”

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The Shreveport Writer’s Club has been busy this August.  On the 6th, we held our club meeting at the Shreve Memorial Broadmoor Branch Library.  We had a good number of new visitors and four new members to join us.

One member was able to receive the “Making the Mark” pen.  This pen is given to each member who has submitted their work within the last month to the public.  It can be for contest, publication and other media.  This is to encourage members to get their work out there.

Our Flash Writing Exercise topics were submitted by member, Su Stella.  They included: “I woke up under a mushroom”, “Looking out from the cage, he…”,
“At my first dance”, “Stupid, stupid, stupid” and “Topic of Choice”.  We had great writing from members in all of the four topics.

Remember that membership renewal is happening right now.  Our treasurer, Ken Shively, is available at all of the meetings to take your $20.00 dues.  This money covers you for the whole year.

Members discussed adding extra days for Critique Group.  We have continued discussion on this and will address it more at the next meeting.  The interest for add groups is very much appreciated.  Our next Critique Group is on Saturday, August 20th. from 10am to Noon at the Broadmoor Library.

The Writer’s Medley is around the corner.  It will be held in October.  The date and location is to be announced.

During the meeting we discussed having more speakers attend, who are able to give us advice and guidance in the writing world.  If you know of anyone who would be able to speak send us the information to shreveportwritersclub@gmail.com.  Please also be sure to send us any suggestions for the club to that e-mail.

The meeting ended with thirty minutes of reading from members’ work.  We had the awesome experience to hear some greatly written pieces.

Today, we held a Meet-up at The Sleepy Hollow: Books and Gifts in Shreveport.  Owner, Kate Hesson, opened up her space to the Shreveport Writer’s Club to casually let us meet.  They are open to the public.  At these gatherings we talk about new ideas and activities for the club members.  Today we got some great ideas and were even able to share our experiences in writing.  Towards the end we were even able to help one of the members with some critiquing.

Thank you Kate for letting us use your space.

Our next writing club meeting will be on Saturday, September 10, at the Broadmoor Library from 10-Noon.  Visitors are always welcomed.

And remember to ”Write on!”


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Shreveport Writer’s Club August Meeting

imageThe Shreveport Writer’s Club will be meeting this Saturday at the Shreve Memorial Broadmoor Branch Library. It’s from 10am-12pm.
Come share your work and network with other writers. We all range from beginner to published and all range in different genres.
This is a place where you can feel motivated, inspired and share a common love of writing with others.
Visitors are always welcomed!

“Write on!”

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July Critique Group Change

Due to unforeseen changes we do not have a host for Saturday’s Critique Group. We have moved it though to Tuesday from 10am-11:30am. We will meet at Shreve Memorial Broadmoor Branch Library in the small room.
We are sorry for the inconvenience but we did not want to cancel it for the month.
Members come out that day to share your work and get advice. Even if you do not have something to read, come out and listen. Sharing your advice and ideas greatly helps other writers.
And remember to “Write on!”

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Shreveport Writer’s Club June Meeting

The weather is getting hotter and summer is finally here.  The brave souls of The Shreveport Writer’s Club withstood the heat and met at our new home, Shreve Memorial Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We spent the first few minutes introducing ourselves to everyone.  This is a great way to remember all who’s there and what projects they are working on. Sixteen people attended and two of them became new members.  We welcome them whole-heartedly and are looking forward to what they bring to the club.

Six members received the “Making the Mark” pen.  This is an awesome number of people.  We congratulate them on getting their work out to the public.

During the beginning of the meeting we held our flash writing exercise.  The topics were: “I wish I could remember…”, “Is that a dog?”, “Did you hear that?”, “It’s time to…” and of course “Topic of your choice”.  As always, those who volunteered to read their work gave us great writings to listen to.  This exercise helps members to write without stopping.  It encourages you to get your thoughts on paper without leaving much room for doubt, fear or uncertainty to get in the way.

Members, remember that dues are due right now.  At the next meeting make sure to have them ready for Ken Shively, who is our treasurer.

We had a successful meet-up at Sleepy Hollow and are excited to know that the owner, Kate Hesson, has opened a new area in her store.  The Highland Roux is a place where artists can portray their works to the public.  She has generously extended the use of it to us.  We hope to have many meet-ups there.

Right now we are taking ideas and suggestions as to what the members need from the club.  We received a lot of ideas during the meeting but will like to continue to get more.  If you have any suggestions please contact us at shreveportwritersclub@gmail.com.

At the end of our meeting we have a Round Robin Reading where members can share excerpts of their work.  We had some members share poetry, short excepts from stories and memoirs.   We thank all those who shared their work.

Remember that visitors are always welcomed to our meetings.  We meet the first Saturday of every month at the Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  It lasts from 10am-12pm.  In July we will be meeting the second Saturday of the month, the 9th, since the library will be closed for 4th of July weekend.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope to see you there!

“Write on!”


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