Shreveport Writer’s Club Busy April

On April 2nd, we held the meeting for the Shreveport Writer’s Club at the Bossier Arts Council.  We were happy to see many faces that we have been seeing of late.  It’s great to see visitors and members coming to these meetings regularly.

Many members were given the “Mark Your Mark” writing pen, which signifies that they are getting their written work out to the public.  We encourage our members to publicly promote their work.  This takes courage and we congratulate and admire all of you who do this.

We had our Flash Writing exercise, which consist of writing on selected topics or a topic of your choice for ten minutes.  This gives the writer a set timeframe to get a piece of writing done or started.  It also stimulates the brain, giving you a chance to dust off your writing cobwebs.  At the end of the exercise those who want to can share what they’ve written.  We get a lot of creative and interesting works that we get to listen to.

Our speaker for the month was Kathryn Morgan.

IMG_2683 (2)

She is a Master Tax advisor, writer, spirted and knowledgeable speaker and instructor.  Kathryn was an amazing guest speaker, who gave us a great deal of information about how writers should brand themselves.  She also spoke to us about the importance of knowing your work and making sure you get it out to the public.  Kathryn readily asked the multitude of questions that were given to her by our members. At the end of the day she even decided to become a member of the Shreveport Writer’s Club herself.  We want to thank Kathryn for the awesome lessons she taught us that day.

The follow Saturday we had a great Writer’s Medley at the Broadmoor Branch Library in Shreveport, Louisiana.  There many of our members volunteered to publically read short stories, poetry and other written works.  We are so proud of those who had the courage to get up and present their works.  They were readily accepted by the audience.

April has been a creative busy month.  We thank all those who have been a part or it.  Next month we will hold our Writer’s Club meeting on May 7th.  It will be at the Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City, Louisiana.  We start at 10am and end at 12pm.  Visitors are always welcomed!

We look forward to seeing you there and “Write on!”

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Shreveport Writer’s Club Writer’s Medley

Today is the Shreveport Writer’s Club Writer’s Medley. Come out to the Braoadmoor Branch Library is Shreveport, Louisiana to hear some awesome creative works by our talented members. It’s from 2pm-4pm. We hope to see you there.

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Shreveport Writer’s Club March Meeting

imageIt’s Spring in Shreveport, Louisiana and there’s no better time to dust off your pens, pencils and laptops and get to writing. Earlier this month The Shreveport Writers Club held their meeting at the Bossier Arts Council. We had the pleasure of having two new visitors join us.

At each meeting we award members for sharing their work through contests, posts, publication and other avenues with “Making the Mark Award” pen. We are proud to say that five members received them. That’s awesome that they were able to get their work out to the public.

A ten minute flash writing exercise followed with the topics, “Who’s dancing and why are they tapping their toes”, “Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form”, “What’s behind the door? Why is it closed”, “Write about coming out of the dark and seeing the light” and of course “Topic of choice”. We had many creative and rather interesting readings from these topics.

Last month we had a Meet-up at The Sleepy Hollow Books and Gifts in Shreveport. Members of the club met there to meet with prospective members and to get word out about the club. We had a fun time meeting new people, chatting with members and finding neat gifts at the shop. The owner, Kate, was awesome to supply us with doughnuts and coffee. We hope to have many more of these in the future.

There will be a Writer’s Medley on April 9th at the Broadmoor Library in Shreveport. It will be held from 2-4pm. It is open and free to the public. Members, remember to contact us at if you are interested in knowing if there are any spots left for reading. Remember to invite people to attend and get the word out.

Towards the end of meetings we have a Round Robin Reading where members can share their written work. This month three members shared giving us a short story, two poems and an excerpt. Thank you for sharing.

We also had an open discussion about each members writing process and their inspiration for writing. Each member and guest shared their process and inspiration showing us that there are many ways to get the job done. It was enlightening and helpful.

This April we will have our meeting on the 2nd at the Bossier Arts Council. It is from 10am-12pm. Visitors are always welcome! There will be no Critique Group since we are having the Writer’s Melody.

We hope to see you at the next meeting. “Write on!”

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February Shreveport Writer’s Club Meeting

imageA happy Valentine’s Day from the members of the Shreveport Writer’s Club!

This month’s meeting was great. We had four visitors. At the end of the meeting three of them became members. Let’s welcome Karen Johnson, Loretta Casteen and Stephen Owens. They will be awesome contributions to our group.

We had one making the mark pen that was given out. This is given to members who have submitted their work for public viewing. We encourage out members to get their work out by contests, publication,and other avenues.

Our flash writing exercise created some interesting work. We had writing on “Who is that actor?”, “A snazzy wardrobe”, “I really need to get…”, and of course topic of choice.  We always look forward to the writings we get to hear from the topics.

Our Anthology has a tentative spring release date. It is currently in its finishing phase. This will be a great book to have on your bookshelf and to give to others to share.

Our Writer’s Medley will be in April. Keep an eye out for more information. If you are a member and would like to participate then send us an e-mail to

If you are a member and have information on contests, panels or anything writing related please share your discoveries. You can post them on our Facebook page. You can also send these to the officers through the club e-mail.

This month we went from member to member to see what everyone has in the works. It was encouraging to hear the many projects that were going on. Ideas seem to be sprouting everywhere. Advice and suggestions were also given as encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who showed. Stay tuned for news on our next meeting. Visitors are always welcomed!


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Shreveport Writer’s Club December

A Happy Holidays from the Shreveport Writers Club.

Earlier this month we celebrated this holiday season with a party. There was awesome tasty food shared.

We were supplied with great music by one of our talented members.

Holiday readings were supplied by many members and greatly enjoyed.

There was also much stealing in our gift gift department.

Next month we will be meeting on January 9th (the second Saturday). This is due to the first Saturday being during the New Years.

We will meet at 10am-12pm at the Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City, Louisiana.

If you have any questions contact us at

“Write on!”


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November Shreveport Writer’s Club Meeting


The November Shreveport Writer’s Club meeting went very well. We had a visitor who heard of us through the table we had at Senior Day of the Louisiana State Fair.  It’s great that we are reaching out to other writers.

Our guests were able to greet themselves before the rewards were passed out for Making the Mark. We are proud of the members who are able to publish their work.  Keep up the great work!

The flash writing exercise brought us writings on, “What is that smell?”, “I think, therefore…”, “A bridge”, and topic of choice.  We appreciate all those who participated and shared their work afterwards.

The anothology is still in works.  Soon the editing process will be started. Anyone willing to help please contact Deondre, who’s in charge, at

The Writer’s Medley at Broadmoor Library went well.  Congratulations to the members who braved the stage to share their creative work.  We look forward to those who will participate in the future Writer’s Medley.

Club t-shirts have been ordered. Lela has been working on making sure we can get our shirts. We are thankful for the time she has spent on this project.  Lela plans on opening the t-shirt campaign again for members and will keep us updated. If you have any questions for her please contact her at the club’s e-mail.

The holiday party is around the corner and our Activities Directors are busy making sure we are organized for it. They are open to ideas, so don’t be afraid to contact them through the club e-mail.

There will be no Critique Group until January. The date will be announced.

We were honored to have Shreveport’s local band, Homesick, speak to us about writing and working in the music industry. They talked about the writing process, how their creative collaboration works and their influences.  The members also gave us advice on promoting and their experience in recording.

Homesick brought their new album, “How to Run Away”, for the club to listen to.  Their song, “Anchors”, was awarded two rounds of applause.  You can find their album on ITunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Also look for the local band on Facebook at

Before closing, thank you to the members who shared their work at the Round Robin Reading.  Any members who have work they want to share during this 30 minute time are welcomed to.

Thank you t all those who were able to make it to the meeting. We welcome all those who would like to visit us. Our meetings are the first Saturday of every month 10am-12pm. We look forward to seeing you there and “Write on!”.


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No Critique Group in November or December

Please note: There is no Critique Group meeting for November or December due to holidays and other scheduling conflicts. Critique Group will pick up again in January.

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