Club Poem

As a gift to the club before he moved back to Ohio, Darrell “Tiger” Williams wrote the following poem, entitled “Write On!”. The club has voted to make it our official Club Poem.

Darkness has come again.
The sun is long gone as I lie here.
The time is now! I jump to my feet!
Rush, rush to the power button.
Go before it’s gone! Lights flash and the screen blazes!
I write on!

He’s a dark-haired boy
in the backseat of the car in front of me.
He’s not in his seatbelt. He’s making faces at me.
What’s his name? Who are his parents?
Where was he born? Where is my notepad?
I write on!

The waitress is crying.
She’s standing next to the bar, on the phone.
She nods, hangs up, and wipes her eyes.
Back to our table she comes… “Would you like anything else?” She asks.
“No thank you. We’re good.”
Her name is Elise. Quick! Grab a pen and napkin.
I write on!

We meet once a month.
The first ten minutes we flash a story.
It’s fast. It’s exciting. It’s diverse.
We laugh. We cry. We cry while we laugh.
People and places are created… whole worlds.
We dream. We hope. We share.
We are the Shreveport Writers Club.
We write on!


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